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Corn Eggs

As the corn ear has many, so may the egg ear have many.
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Witness the corn ear, kernel-full. So might we own, with a restructuring of the egg DNA--or in combination with that of maize,--a very corn-ear egg, in which the white shell stands in place of the kernel, many of them, so that one might have small, pea-sized (indeed, corn kernel-sized) eggs on one cob, and small fries thereof.
Vance, Feb 05 2001


       This is so stupid, I voted for it.
egnor, Feb 05 2001

       So much for being concerned about getting egg shells in your meal with "egg-on-the-cob". Such small eggs might even have use as a lubricant that distributes itself only when crushed. Any ideas?   

       Gee, I'm surprised this halfbakery idea isn't "possible using existing technology".
Wes, Feb 05 2001

       I detect eehen's self-frying influence.
Monkfish, Feb 05 2001

       Even so. I usually read other postings in a category before I submit my own. And I only say that something is possible using existing technology when it is. In the case of Corn Eggs, I have my doubts. Also, I omit the new technology phrase when it would be obvious to everyone that an idea is possible under current Science.
Vance, Feb 05 2001

       This is weird. If we want to run with it, though, why not corn of many varieties? Pumpkin, snow peas, rutabaga: the possibilities are endless. Egg obviously won't work, since that isn't egg DNA, it's chicken! We all know what that'll taste like. If you use it for feed, would that be cannabilism? If the chicken that donated the DNA for the recombination then ate the mutated corn, would it be autocannabilism? What color would that corn be?
elhigh, Jun 16 2005

       So, are we proposing a corn that grows eggy ears, or a chicken that lays corn- on-the-cob shaped eggs? If the latter, my sympathies are with the chicken.
Basepair, Jun 16 2005


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