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Compound Words

Create new compounds for wealthy egoists.
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Teams of scientists work diligently to synthesize compounds that, when represented by their chemical symbols, spell out the name of the customer. (The really, really, rich and self-obsessed customer.) No knowledge of chemistry is necessary; the customer simply needs to pick out the letters from a catalog.

For example, a lady by the name of Steph wants to embody herself in a chemical, so she decides on the formula STePh. Millions of dollars and six months later, the research group presents her with a small vial containing a sulfur covalently bound to both a phenyl group and a tellurium atom.

CuITaUFOUR, on the other hand, is some mixture of copper, iodine, tantalum, uranium, fluorine, oxygen, and an alkyl group.

Cuit_au_Four, Dec 05 2006

Periodic Table http://www.bbc.co.u...ies1/periodic.shtml
No actual chemistry required. [zen_tom, Dec 06 2006]

The periodic table table. http://www.theodore....com/PeriodicTable/
This guy should be a 'baker! (If he is not already). [webfishrune, Dec 07 2006]


jutta, Dec 05 2006

       did you miss out gold?
po, Dec 05 2006

       Miss Ellee Mental
xandram, Dec 05 2006

       When I am *extremely* rich, I want someone to find a new element and abbreviate it to Ng. Until then, I'll need to follow the number plate method and modify LiMg.
Ling, Dec 06 2006

       According to [tom]'s periodic table I'd be made up of 2 parts 'titanium', 1 part 'molybdenum' and 1 part 'hello'. Sounds about right...
theleopard, Dec 06 2006

       Regardless of which Table you choose to use, it seems that jutta, and I , and even [jhomrighaus] are simply left out of the party for the lack of J-elements. Some days that seems very appropriate.
jurist, Dec 06 2006

       you could possibly hijack Yttrium, little gems that you are...
po, Dec 06 2006

       (please note that she said "little gems that you are" without so much as a :) or other smiley faced icon. If I didn't know her better I'd be sure to feel slighted. Fortunately, I know the high esteem with which she holds me. Too bad about you others.)
jurist, Dec 06 2006

       oops, yes of course.
po, Dec 06 2006

       well, at least it's not an attempt to reinvent German
theircompetitor, Dec 06 2006

       A shady Russian company already did this for a Mr Litvinenko. The results were not good.
Mr Phase, Dec 06 2006

       I like Td - Tedium
webfishrune, Dec 06 2006


       See, you don't even have to be rich, just conveniently named...
m_Al_com, Dec 07 2006

       We were still watching those 70s edu-films in the late 80s when the TV-remote-control-watch had been invented. Oh how those teachers were baffled by ghostly rewinding of tapes!   

       - I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Cd - Custard. -
theleopard, Dec 07 2006

       //Well don't you have a nice, pure element, po? Podium...//   

       Of course this is Polonium on a real periodic table.   

       Hang on! A clue!   

       it was you, you Russian irraidator you ;-)
webfishrune, Dec 07 2006


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