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Computer Game that teaches music and art

Jam and Paint while the computer makes you better
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This game would be like Clickomania, but with a music tutorial and color tutorial aspect. Clickomania is a game where you click away connected blocks of the same color and the rest of the blocks fall into place, gravitating toward the bottom left of the screen. If you made a new game like Clickomania, but with keystrokes instead of mouse input, and with musical tones and chords associated with the blocks, the player could play in rhythm and do complicated patterns and play chords and learn about music and art and have fun.

The idea would be to get kids to develop their musical and coloristic language skills. You could assign notes to columns of blocks, or modes to colors or any number of other combinations to make associations in the players heads. The idea would be to harness the obsessive quality of those click games to teach kids music and art.

Rather than try get all caught up trying to translate picture and sound ideas into language, I would just like to say that it cant be that dificult to make a game like this with primary colors and pentatonic scales that teaches kids to jam and learn colors and combine and associate the two in new ways. So why havent we seen this yet? Is there a conspiracy of stupidity in the video gaming world? Unless its out there and I just missed it.

This idea was inspired by frustration with the game "Spheerz", which is a puzzle game which is sort of like "Clickomania" with music, but doesn't work.

JesusHChrist, Mar 05 2005

clickomania http://www.clickomania.ch/click/
the new version [JesusHChrist, Mar 05 2005]

Spheerz http://www.shockwav...m/sw/content/sveerz
[JesusHChrist, Mar 05 2005]

chicka chicka boom boom http://www.rmlearning.com/26545.htm
[ato_de, Mar 05 2005]




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