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I.F. verb for mental calculation.
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Probably the biggest key to help.

Due to not having enough worldly experience, some of the Interactive Fiction seems confusing and frustrating. To help me not stall in a cycle of insanity, there should be a verb to assess the usefulness of an object.

So you find a length of tube on your compass point path, just judge or calculate it's usefulness. The level of reveal is totally up to the writer. As an aside measurements could be included to help connect object interaction.

Judge, calculate or 'think about' would open up the possibilities not thought about by the player. The players thought field could be pierced in new ways totally changing the view on the game/work, the true ability of an exceptional writer.

Obviously, this won't help seasoned 'out of the box' players but ultimately the key quest would be to get newbies interested, thinking wider and seeing the artistry of I.F.

wjt, Sep 01 2017


       So, you push a button, and the program "brainstorms" a list of the many alternative uses for a brick, as a hidden hint?
RayfordSteele, Sep 01 2017

       With Interactive Fiction the author controls the scenario. If you, as a player, are not on their 'wavelength' , judging a item for usefulness may allow an author to give a data set of hints to put you back into the game's framework. So If your not a pure mental masochist, you find the game easier and enjoyable.   

       The author still has the control on how hard the game is. A judgement action attribute on an object still has to be written.
wjt, Sep 02 2017

       Then again, your right [RayfordSteele], it could program driven by the number of possible valid interactions with other objects. An indicator of usefulness so you focus though on the right objects.   

       Of course this still has to programmed unless I.F. engines have become A.I. back ended.
wjt, Sep 02 2017

       //A.I. back ended.// Isn't that the same as a smart-arse?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 03 2017

       Yes, I could do with some arse intellect backing me up. Purely for my own personal growth, mind you.
wjt, Sep 03 2017

       Is Interactive Fiction what they're calling Dungeons and Dragons these days?
Zeuxis, Sep 04 2017

       I.F. is more like an encyclopedia form of those decision books where you turn to the correct page.
wjt, Sep 05 2017


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