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Computer Mediated MindScape

User's mind trained to project immersive environments
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A lot of scientists agree that human children gather, analyse, interact with and refine HUGE amounts of information during their early development. In a relatively rapid time they gain knowledge of their internal and external physical status, abstraction / realization of their identity, interations with external objects, interactions with external objects that are realized to be dynamic agents (communication other people, pets, wild animals) and realization of dynamic agent identity (other people are people too).

Would it ever be possible that a human being could be trained / mind-sculpted / hypnotized to project a more detailed environment from a limited source?

For example, could an air traffic controller be trained to see their scope's field as a realtime 3-d environment from the realtime 2-d data projection? [If such a visualization was proven to be more effective at collision avoidance and controller stress reduction?]

[Side-note: How would we confirm that each user's uniquely personal visualization contained sufficient / appropriate information?]

Rhodry, Jun 06 2003


       From the 2D projection, no. But you've got a germ of an idea in creating a 3D viewing environment for Air Traffic Controllers. Go for it.
thumbwax, Jun 07 2003


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