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"EZ-iType" monitor/keyboard array

A transparent VDU above your keyboard.
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I am looking down at my keyboard as I write this because I can't touch type. If I make a mistake, I don't know about it until I look up at the screen - and in doing so I stop typing. What I need is to have both the keyboard and the screen in my field of vision at the same time.

Enter the "easy-eye-type" monitor/keyboard array (EZ-iType). This is a monitor and keyboard setup designed to resolve this problem. The screen is transparent and hovers over the top of your keyboard. Combining both Smart Glass technology [link1] to adjust the opacity of the screen and Transparent Projection Screen technology [link2] to cast the image, the monitor is given a dual- funtion visual display.

When typing, the monitor lowers its opacity in order for the user to see his/her keyboard, whilst simultaneously being able to see in their peripheral vision the letters being displayed on screen.

As soon as the mouse or keyboard direction buttons are used the monitor automatically switches back to full opacity allowing you to navigate your document accurately. To re-enter typing mode, a button on the left of the keyboard (on its own and textured in order for simple location) flips the screen back to semi-transparent.

A software design tweak will keep the on-screen text cursor hovering over the top of the keyboard, scrolling the page up as you complete each line, a bit like the typewriters of old.

Hopefully, this should make for easier typing and also reduce strain on the eye as it exercises by readjusting to focus both on the screen and the keyboard behind.

Further design tweaks include: illuminated keys for better visibility; adjustable opacity levels via a dial on the side of the monitor; and articulated stands for both monitor and keyboard for full ergonomic adjustments.

My only concern is the slightly reduced distance to the screen and the potential ergonomic drawbacks; these would need to be tested once a prototype was built.

Illustration to follow. [link3]

theleopard, Dec 02 2008

Smart-glass http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_glass
Courtesy of wikipedia. Basically, by adding a voltage to the glass it becomes more opaque. I don't know for certain, but I assume the level of opacity can be adjusted in conjunction with this voltage. [theleopard, Dec 02 2008]

Transparent Projection Screen http://www.dexigner...jection-screen.html
Could also be called faux-holographic I suppose see [link4]. [theleopard, Dec 02 2008]

Illustration http://i37.tinypic.com/abh3wl.jpg
Look how happy he is! [theleopard, Dec 02 2008, last modified Oct 02 2009]

"Holographic" television http://dtti.wordpre...aro-holographic-tv/
[theleopard, Dec 02 2008]

09 Feb 2007 keyboard_2fmonitor_20combo
I knew I'd mentioned this idea before. [theleopard, Dec 05 2008]


       This would be useful in learning to type in the first place using the moving fingers seen in typing programs. You can look at the fingers moving over the keyboard and follow.
Mony a Mickle, Dec 02 2008

       The keyboard itself could just have a little display (between the Function keys and the number bar) showing what you've been pressing. It scrolls like a word processor.
phundug, Dec 02 2008

       my idea change is to have a cam + pedal combination.   

       The cam can continuously record the keyboard and transmit the video to the monitor, where it will be shown with some opacity. The opacity is controlled by the pedal combination.   

       This way, you can see your keyboard only as much as you want, and still keep your neck straight.
kamathln, Dec 02 2008

       It's actually very inefficient to keep stopping and making corrections as you type. You should just type on regardless and then spell check and review and format your text afterwards.

As this idea actually encourages poor typing I shall give it a fishbone thusly... <later, quietly edits typo and hopes nobody will notice>
DrBob, Dec 05 2008

       //this idea actually ensourages poor typing I shall give it a fishbone thusly..//   

       [-]That's why I had to bone it too. There are already too many gadgets that "dumb down" the need for good clerical skills.
Jscotty, Dec 05 2008


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