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"Flower" PC

A PC built like a flower, with peripherals as petals.
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Along the lines of my "Donut PC" idea, why not have a PC consisting of a hub/"stalk" (CPU, memory) with peripherals (sound, video, storage, whatever) branching off of it, petal-like? Also has the cooling advantages of each component being open to the air (albeit in some sort of case...)
bananafish, Jan 02 2003


       I kinda prefer this one to the donut idea, if you got your peripherals from one manufacturer that made them truly petal shapped you'd have one odd but cool looking comp.
kaz, Jan 02 2003

       ...but easily broken...
phoenix, Jan 02 2003

       no likey.
ironfroggy, Jan 02 2003

       I saw something similar to this on TV somewhere, I'm not sure where. It was just a concept, but it was a potted "plant" and the leaves and flowerers were portable MP3 players, digital cameras and such, and you plugged them into the plant to recharge, and link to the computer. It was pretty neat, but only a concept, so technically not baked.
notme, Jan 02 2003


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