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Concert Cam

Big plastic ball inflated with helium, and containing a few wireless cameras
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Concerts and sports events require many cameramen zooming in on waving crowds, taking amusing shots of odd people or of the over-enthusiastic. Often, these shots are projected on the big screens in the stadium or concerthall.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the spectators take their own shots? Just make a big inflatable ball filled with helium (so that it has neutral buyoancy) and a few wireless cameras inside it, fixed in a tube.

People will throw the ball away, grab it, film their crazy faces, and throw the ball to someone else.

The cameras should have some kind of fixed distance to the face of the one holding the ball (he/she stretches her arms; the average arm of an adult can be calculated), so that the cam has the correct zoom. Or an autozoom of some sort could be used.

This is much more fun than waiting untill one of the fixed cameramen zooms in on you.

The quality doesn't have to be perfect, it's all about seeing yourself on that gigantic screen.

django, Jun 14 2004


       The Flaming Lips are known to launch similar (albeit cameraless) balls into the audience at their shows. And Jockney arsewipe Rod Stewart is often seen booting footballs at hapless punters when performing live. So there's evidence to suggest that even mere balls themselves might enhance the atmosphere.
calum, Jun 15 2004

       How about a giant inflatable surfboard for the Mexican wave?
Ling, Jun 15 2004


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