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Make Ipod into Camcorder

Adapter connects ipod and isight (firewire webcam)
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The Isight is a great video camera with firewire output and the Ipod has lots of digital storage with firewire input.

If you had an adaptor to compress the video stream from the camera and feed it to the ipod you would have a nice hard disk based camcorder.

Of course you would need to update the software so the ipod screen could show the video so you could see what you were shooting.

The adapter would probably need a supplementary battery, as all this is very power intensive.

Just plugging in your ipod to your computer would certainly be better than digitizing tapes.

macrumpton, Jun 03 2004

Archos 380 http://www.archos.c...w_500570_specs.html
80 Gb beats that measely Ipod (checkout Camera Plugin) [PainOCommonSense, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       It is not just storage it is bandwidth. The hard drives struggle to absorb a real time video stream, even when compressed.   

       If you notice, phones and cameras that do video clips have limited durations, even though there is space - this is down to the need to cache in high speed memory.   

       That said, I like the idea, but feel it has not been done yet as we are waiting for technoliogy to catch up. We still need a better screen, but...   


       ...even though I think Apple will release something like it at WWDC2004 (plus the 60GB iPod).   

       ps. Sony do DVDcams.
timbeau, Jun 04 2004

       Check the link to the Archos 380. The HD don't struggle! No extra battery already has a screen and probably costs the same as your Isight + Ipod + Adapter.   

PainOCommonSense, Jun 04 2004

       Well, capture rate is 320x240, about 1/ 3 - 1/4 the data rate of a MiniDV and remember that the HD on the iPod is not your normal ATA, thought it will hit 60GB soon.
timbeau, Jun 04 2004


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