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Concert venue/ice cream social

An interesting combination of different events.
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A combination of an ice cream social and some sort of music event. Idea can be applied to almost anything that makes a concert something to talk about to a person who doesn't have to like the band playing.

i.e. "I went to a Weezer concert last saturday," said John. "I don't really care for Weezer," replied Mary. "Yeah, but it was an ice cream social as well. It was awesome, my friend passed out from too much rum raisin."

Idea can also be applied to almost anything that is an unusual place for a concert, the possibilities are endless, which is why it has probably been done in some form or another before.

Another idea: A concert venue based off of a retired large ferry boat in MA, half concert half whale watch.

casadetortitas, Sep 28 2008

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       The mosh pit would get nasty.   

       As to your other idea: Some Whale by which to whale-watch?
phoenix, Sep 28 2008

       I just used whale watching as an excuse to imagine a concert boat.
casadetortitas, Sep 28 2008


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