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Conference Call Catch-Up

Quick replay of a conference call segment
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You just missed what they said

You want to hear it again without asking anyone

then rejoin the call

theircompetitor, Jul 12 2021


       Yes [+] some kind of buffer that expands as the call progresses so you can relive slide 4.
zen_tom, Jul 12 2021

       You can record in Zoom etc. but it lets everyone know. A short buffer just so you can go back a few seconds would be super useful.
bs0u0155, Jul 12 2021

       Can the buffer have a "loop indefinitely" setting as well?
pocmloc, Jul 12 2021

       To catch up, you'd listen that at an increased speed. It's quite comfortable to listen at 3x ~ 4x the normal speed in many cases, so yeah, this would definitely be useful.
Mindey, Jul 13 2021

       If it was a zoom conference or some such a picture-in-picture replay function would be good.   

       This is one of those "They don't already have that?" ideas. I'd think it would get used a lot.
doctorremulac3, Jul 13 2021

       I'm honestly surprised they don't but I checked a few of the main services and they don't. As <Mindey> says you could speed up a rolling recording and catch up pretty quickly
theircompetitor, Jul 13 2021

       Dude, speed changer, absolutely.   

       I listen to podcasts and books on tape at 1 1/2 speed and it's screwed up my ability to pay attention to people talking at regular speed, you get used to it very quick. The only time you notice anything is when people laugh. People laughing at 1 1/2 speed is very weird, but other than that, it works great.
doctorremulac3, Jul 13 2021

       //I listen to podcasts and books on tape at 1 1/2//   

       My podcast app has a 1.25x setting and a gap removal setting, combining both gets to about 1.5, without some of the weirdness.
bs0u0155, Jul 13 2021

       Only if it's changed into Kermit's voice....
xenzag, Jul 13 2021

       //Only if it's changed into Kermit's voice....//   

       This wouldn't affect me as I exclusively listen to podcasts presented by Kermit.
bs0u0155, Jul 13 2021

       This is a great idea with application for spousal conversations as well.
AusCan531, Jul 14 2021

Wife (angry): "I said you should..."
Husband (interrupts): "Please wait, buffering"
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 14 2021

       ...still buffering...   

       //application for spousal conversations//   

       There's a special part of the brain that does this, I'm sure of it. The problem is, it can record the exact words said for immediate repetition any time but applies no understanding.   

       "What did I just say?" "Feed the cat, mop the back room, boil your feet and remember to call the dentist.... oh.."
bs0u0155, Jul 14 2021

       Oh I learned a long time ago that my spouse can remember in exacting detail just which words were and were not said at any given time and the order those words were uttered.   

       I think males and females might be hardwired differently in this regard.
(yes that's a stereotype comment, and yet I have yet to see it disproved)

       She gets; 'total recall', I I've got; 'well if it didn't happen today then obviously it was just the other-day'. My family tells me I am on Randy-standard-time.
It's just always 'now' and I'm lucky to remember which day of the week it is let alone what month I'm in.

       True story.
Kinda sucks sometimes... but other times, that thing I learned forty years ago...

       ...well, that was just the other day for me.   

       Same here. My wife has the memory for random events or sayings or where some lost item presently is. However, she has absolutely no visionary or engineering sense whatsoever and is near brain- dead at math. We fill in the holes for eachother.
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2021


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