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Choose your own adventure PBX

Choose your own adventure PBX
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A phone line that reads a story to you in page-sized chunks, followed by prompts where you can choose alternative paths of action by pressing numbers on the keypad.

This could be presented either as a premium-rate entertainment service, or simply as a means to keep callers interested and occupied while awaiting their turn in the queue.

Enhancements might include speech recognition ("take lamp").

aglet, Dec 02 2010

Computerdial / F.I.S.T. http://fightingfant...m/wiki/Computerdial
System used for phone-based Fighting Fantasy game in the 80s [prufrax, Dec 02 2010]


       I suppose there is a school of thought which maintains that present phone menu systems work as a version of this already, albeit with crushingly mundane story options and a superfluity of disgruntled stoners operating as grue.
calum, Dec 02 2010

       Baked in the UK in the late 80s. See link.
prufrax, Dec 02 2010

       "Elementary my dear Watson, you see the murderer is...."   

       "MegaNational Insurance Company, can I help you?"
MisterQED, Dec 02 2010

       This idea could usher in a new era of phone sex.
DrWorm, Dec 03 2010


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