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Confined Cubicle

Make the trip to the office toilets a pleasant one (finally!)
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Ever gone into the toilets at office and you have been either overcome by the stench of your boss' curry from last night or sent into fits of laughter by his emissions?

How about totally enclosed, noise proof, smell proof toilet cubicles? Lets the person inside keep track of what comes out of them as they will be ones to suffer the consequences. Then again, we've all had a giggle at the noises that come out of some of the beasts we call officemates. Will need a pleasant shot of deodoriser too when the door opens so the next person is not left gasping.

jaffa, Jun 27 2001

Urinal Landing System http://www.halfbake..._20Landing_20System
Contains discussion of toilet self-flushing & superloos. [Aristotle, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

least recently used cubicle indicator http://www.halfbake...cubicle_20indicator
...and discussion of how to tell if a given cubicle will be pleasant to use. [hippo, Jun 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       baked at one of the museums in amsterdam. the water closet was literally a closet. i can't remember the name for the life of me, but it's just a few minutes walk up the main street from the train station. they had a huge salvador dali exhibit there a few years back. if anyone knows the name, please speak up.
mihali, Jun 27 2001

       Maybe the way to do it would have a juke-box smell-proof toilet cubicle server. You go to the loo and wave your key-ring at the reader, causing your cubicle to be recalled from storage, aligned next to a door and docked with the necessary plumbing. When this is finished the correct door bleeps and you step in. Once you finish your cubicle is put back into storage on a last-used-first-stored basis.   

       This server would serve all floor of an office block, delivering peoples' individual cubicles to whatever floor they are requested from.
Aristotle, Jun 27 2001

       Not going to get rid of the smell if someone's left a 'survivor' though...
goff, Jun 27 2001

       You could always flush each cubicle afterwards in the same manner as European superloos.
Aristotle, Jun 27 2001


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