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Congratulations Hedge

happy clappy hedgerow
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Congratulations Hedge is the topiary outcome of carefully setting a row of paired plantings, then cutting and training them to take the form of a series of opposing hand shapes.

On a windy day when the hands blow around, you can stand in front of them believing they are applauding the results of your creative efforts.

If you want to get ahead, get a hedge!

xenzag, Jul 05 2013

Mickey Mouse Mitts http://www.amazon.c...mickey+mouse+gloves
Maybe the topiaries would be better... [jurist, Jul 06 2013]

my self-promotion it_20moved
[xandram, Jul 08 2013]

give yourself a standing ovation http://www.playfair.../standingO/send.htm
[pashute, Jul 08 2013]


       Congratulations! (you had me at "happy clappy") [+]
Grogster, Jul 05 2013

       I am rather tempted by the K-Mart version of this idea which includes a dozen Mickey Mouse glove-hands which are merely installed atop the twelve tallest hedge branches, and similarly sway in the wind with great acclaim. After the initial outlay, I would expect the upkeep and ongoing maintenance to be far less, while still providing the occasional grin.
jurist, Jul 06 2013

       ch-ch-cha Chia.   

       //Mickey Mouse Mitts   

       One way to fox the CSI.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 07 2013

       getahedge - marked for username
pashute, Jul 08 2013

       [xandram] I could plant my hedge in front of yours, and when your hedge moves, mine can applaud. (as long as the wind blows)
xenzag, Jul 08 2013

       hehe - get some big fans! +
xandram, Jul 08 2013


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