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Kama Sutra Topiary Garden

Rated: PG 17
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Enter the 100 acre garden through the giant boxwood arbor. There is a walking tour for those who want to savor the wonderful topiaries sculpted by the garden artists. There is also a driving tour for those who want it to be a quickie tour. The topiaries are sculpted from privet, yew, holly, hawthorn and other botanicals. You will be amazed to see all the positions represented here. One will always find their very own favorite. There is also a wonderful rose maze where one can linger, or get lost in the beauty of nature.
xandram, Dec 15 2005

Victorians - public prudes, private lechers. http://www.victoria...y/pms/hellfire.html
[ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 17 2005]

Check the buns on this seed. http://news.bbc.co....cotland/3153327.stm
[ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 17 2005]


       Ha! Don't forget the ivy, long a symbol of fertility. And thick beds of moss, for those couples who feel, ah, inspired.
DrCurry, Dec 15 2005

       thank you DrCurry!
xandram, Dec 15 2005

       a very prickly place?
po, Dec 15 2005

       The Tantric garden.
skinflaps, Dec 15 2005

       So, no bush gags yet?
coprocephalous, Dec 15 2005

       po: I thought it was a bed of roses!
DrCurry, Dec 15 2005

       Hey, look! It's Croton and Lewisii.
Shz, Dec 15 2005

       Must be in California. Is there a more appropriate category for this?
normzone, Dec 15 2005

       I thought about category-Public:Sex Education
xandram, Dec 15 2005

       Hello [xandram]. Picnic in your sex arboretum with this bun.
wagster, Dec 15 2005

       thats disgusting, wags.
po, Dec 15 2005

       Why, thankyou!
wagster, Dec 15 2005

       no problem, enjoy!
po, Dec 15 2005

       That's a whole hedgeful of possibilities right there...
moomintroll, Dec 15 2005

       Darling, if you do the "Split by lightning", I'll do "Penetrating ivy"...
wagster, Dec 15 2005

       "Daddy, how did I get my name?"   

       "Why do you ask, Two Azeleas Rooting?"
ConsulFlaminicus, Dec 15 2005

       This is cute, reminds me of something the Victorians would have back in the day. [+]
Zuzu, Dec 15 2005

       'Cept the Victorians banned sex. Hid all the enormous phalluses they found whilst digging up Eygpt etc. They have a lot to answer for.   

       Apart from that. Like plants, like shagging so erm.... +
squeak, Dec 16 2005

       //'Cept the Victorians banned sex// No wonder they became extinct.
coprocephalous, Dec 16 2005

       Actually, they were just very socially repressed sexually. Which is why I could see them coming up with such a silly thing (since no matter the artistic talent, a sculpted topiary is still gonna be an abstraction). ...in private gardens, oooh, sly sneaky sex references -- scandalous! "tee hee, tee hee." <blush> "Sir, I do believe that holly is giving me the vapors." (Quite tame by today's standards.)
Zuzu, Dec 16 2005

       I'd give it a visit. Sounds pretty. Bun. As a side note, how could people name an era of such sexual repression after a woman who had 10 children? She definitely wasn't keeping her legs crossed.
DVineMissEva, Dec 16 2005

       Well, she had a lot of England to lie back and think of.
wagster, Dec 16 2005

       A whole new meaning to beating around the bush.   

       It needs a river of white "froth" emitting from a fountain shooting soapy water into the sky.   

       A.O. No.
Zimmy, Dec 17 2005

       maybe some HOT buns for everyone here....
xandram, Dec 19 2005

       Nah, Easter's been and gone.
skinflaps, Dec 19 2005

       It would be one hell of a tourist attraction. [+]
Honduras, Dec 19 2005

       I once saw topiaries done from pomegranites. that would be quite interesting when they started to "fruit."
ye_river_xiv, Mar 01 2007

       "Is that a Coco de Mer plant? Oh, wait, no it's just someone visiting the garden..."
hippo, Mar 01 2007


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