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Hedge chairs.

Toipery (spelling?) chairs.
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I've noticed that there are certain species of shrubs used for hedges that can easily take the weight of a human being. If these hedges where cut into the shape of big comfy arm chairs councils could place them in parks and along the sides of footpaths they would provide habitats for small creatures, provide some greenery for the city, increase oxygen levels, employment for toipery artists and provide somwhere comfy to sit.

(Not sure what to put this under landscape art?)

Gulherme, Aug 01 2002

Close http://www.srtopiary.com/img/chairs15.jpg
...but, I guess, no cigar. [DrCurry, Aug 03 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Ah http://www.arborsmith.com/krubsack.html
This is the one I was looking for - the living chair. Just let the branches sprout. [DrCurry, Aug 03 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]



       Nice idea, I have my doubts about the ability of conifer type shrubs to support human weight though. I'll vote for it anyway because I think it would look great.
madradish, Aug 01 2002

       I"ve found its not conifer type shrubs but a dense sort of bush with round leaves, I had a short rest in one on they way back from the bar last night, heh heh and it was cooommmfffyyyyy, people around here grow them to waist height little hedges.
Gulherme, Aug 01 2002

       Hedges can be relaxing to sit in, but you don't half leave a dent in them after doing so for an hour.
-alx, Aug 01 2002

       That is why there needs to be hedges specially grown for the purpose so you dont squash other peoples.
Gulherme, Aug 02 2002

       This is a smashing idea. I'd love to see big green chesterfields and chaise-longues scattered across the park. I'm not sure how well the hedges would cope with repeated use, though. I think the regular bending backwards and forwards on the stems would either snap them or work the roots free. Could you strengthen them with a frame of some sort without compromising the bouncy, 'cushiony' feel you want?
Saveloy, Aug 02 2002

       Not being a Toiperist I wouldnt know how feesable a frame would be, but it seems like a fairly good idea. Maby some Bioengineers could come up with a modified plant that grows quickly is dense and strong yet flexible.
Gulherme, Aug 02 2002

       If you sat in it too much youd block the sun
Breakfast, Aug 02 2002

       Did this as a lad. My mother's hedge never grew correctly again. We had to cut them all down and replant them. Whenever we stood up, even if we had sat down for no more then 10 min., we always left dents. Not the pretiest sight.
barnzenen, Aug 15 2002

       The hedges would change colour with the seasons, spring - floral, summer - green, autumn - orange, winder - bare skeleton.
Gulherme, Oct 29 2002

       Must get me some of those there "shurbs". What happens for the other 9 months of the year?
PeterSilly, Oct 29 2002

       Ch-ch-chia chair.
waxingpoetic, Dec 05 2002

       When I was little there was this hedge out the side of our house that was so large it was a maze inside but a 3d maze because u could climb up, we spent hours playing hide and seek in it. I heard a few years ago that they cut down the hedge and found mountains of kids clothing. The amount of shoes I lost in that thing...
lid, Aug 12 2003

       Sounds nice but would be very prickly with all the twigs sticking into you. I'm not suprised you found your bush comfortable [Gulherme]. If you've reached that time of the evening when leaping into the local shrubbery for a bit of a kip seems like a good idea, *anything* is gonna feel comfy.   

       Personally, I would like a turf seat (cut out of a bank), maybe the parks could have these instead. Grass is a bit more resiliant than bushes.
squeak, Aug 13 2003

       Sorry Aunt, the sign next to the shrub here says "weight limit 300 lbs."   

       I like the idea but they gon' be squashed.   

       Perhaps the hedges can be grown around a metal or plastic framework to give them more strength.
bdh, Jul 13 2005


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