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Conic scoops

Calculus-flavored delight!
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All the scoops I see are either essentially spherical or of the Thrifty/Rite-Aid variety cylindrical nature. Those might work for bowls or cake cups, but not cones.

Therefore: conic section ice cream scoops. I'm thinking an off-plane parabolic surface. Dual purpose: 1) prime-fill cone with shaped scoop 2) top off with a rounded scoop.

nayhem, Sep 17 2006


       Speaking as someone who scoops ice cream, we really wouldn't want this, as we often have problems with workers scooping too much ice cream (Owners are very cheap).   

       Plus, not all our cones are conic, and having three or four different scoops (Carvel already has two sizes of the round type) crammed into the rinser would be a little awkward.   

       Good for using at home, though.
notmarkflynn, Sep 18 2006


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