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Clothes Dryer Ice Cream

Fluff cycle ice cream
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A small can -- made of aluminum. Ice cream ingredients go in here.

A larger can. The small can goes in here along with ice and rock salt.

This larger can goes in a third, even larger container made out of a big, fluffy, blanket.

The whole thing goes in the clothes dryer... Fluff cycle with no heat... about 20 minutes... almost instant homemade ice cream comes out.

zigness, Feb 26 2006

Ice Cream Ball http://icecreamrevolution.com/
This thing is fun. I have one. [zigness, Mar 02 2006]

Camper's Dream Ice Cream Ball http://www.rei.com/product/47793013.htm
Play with the ball, rolling it around for 20 minutes and, voila, you've made a pint of delicious ice cream! [baconbrain, Mar 02 2006]



       It might work better with a weight of some kind inside the inner can, kind of like the ball-bearing inside a can of spray paint. That will help to break up the ice crystals and make the ice cream even smoother.
baconbrain, Feb 26 2006

       what costs more an ice cream maker or a dryer?   

       + nevertheless. who cares about money?
po, Feb 26 2006

       I read "A lager can" and was imagining some sort of tramp's ice-cream maker. Never mind. Bun.
Mr Phase, Feb 26 2006

       Stupid me. I've been trying to dry clothes in an ice cream maker.
ldischler, Feb 26 2006

       Don't try making Jello in the washing machine...just don't.   

       But [2fries], you just need to put in a semi-porous membrane cointaing the no-freeze jello powder, then turn it to a cycle that starts hot and ends cold, and boom, disgusting jello that you made with a load of t-shirts.
notmarkflynn, Feb 27 2006

       Ah, must have been the spin cycle.   

       EEEExcellent!However, i don't know if the ice cream container would continously go round. Wouldn't it be bounced around a bit inside the dryer. Or end up shooting out the front and striking your poor mother on the head. Ouch.
w0lfman, Feb 27 2006

       I just saw an item that may help, here. Somebody is making an ice-cream freezer much as described, except with a hard plastic outer layer. It is supposed to be used as the ball for a game of Catch with the kiddies, or some damned thing, while the ice-cream is freezing. Put that in a well-padded bag and toss it in the dryer.
baconbrain, Mar 01 2006

       and the popular flavors are: Lint; Peach-Fuzz and BleachNut.
xandram, Mar 01 2006

       [baconbrain], actually, the thing that you're describing is one of the things that helped inspire this one. (I'm always looking for another crazy way to make ice cream). I have one of those plastic balls, and it works great.
zigness, Mar 01 2006


       [notmarkflynn] That has got to be the worst manglement of the word "containing" that I have ever seen. <Shudders>
DesertFox, Mar 01 2006

       "Play with the ball, rolling it around for 20 minutes and, voila, you've made a pint of delicious ice cream!" See link. It was new to me--I guess I'm even further out of touch than usual.   

       If the outer ball was made of a softer plastic it would work in the dryer. Or maybe you could make and sell little padded snuggle sacks for the "Camper's Dream Ice Cream Ball". They'd pack better and freeze better, and work in the dryer back home.   

       I'm glad to see that the sturdy outdoorsmen of our nation no longer have to eat Astronaut Ice Cream. That stuff was nasty.
baconbrain, Mar 02 2006

       That sounds like a word for contaminated genitals.
notmarkflynn, Mar 02 2006

       Too similar to (and no better than) the product you say you own & linked to. Not original enough. Sorry, but the excess bunnage seems unwarranted and needs balance. [-]
sophocles, Mar 02 2006

       //Too similar to (and no better than) the product you say you own & linked to// Ah, but this would be automatic as opposed the manual rolling around of the ball... Well, [soph], I won't begrudge your opinion here -- I'm assuming that your spreading fishbones all over the bakery.
zigness, Mar 02 2006

       What Sophocles said. After looking this over, all this idea amounts to is a suggestion that you put a standard product into a blanket and into a dryer. My mention of a custom-made padded bag is an idea, but not worthy of halfbaking, nor is the blanket/container.   

       I'm changing my positive vote to neutral, for lack of substance, then to negative for not properly crediting the inspiration product. I don't know how the "Ice Cream Ball" link from Zigness got above my "Camper's Dream Ice Cream Ball" link, but it wasn't there when I put mine in.   

       I still like the idea of making ice cream in the dryer, though.
baconbrain, Mar 03 2006

       Well, fishbone folks... not much for me to say except that I thought I'd maybe post something simple, fun and bakeable to share here.   

       Lack of extreme imagination on this one? So sue me. Only the mediocre are always at their best.   

       Personally, I'd love to see more "less inspired" (but fun) ideas on the 'bakery... there are a lot of days where the, "inject plasma into the moon and do amazing things" kind of ideas get really old. (sorry for the brief rant).   

       Also, I don't really think that this is too unimaginative after all. The ball thing requires a lot of manual rolling around. Electric ice cream makers are expensive. This concept would result in something with a total cost of around $20 that would actually make ice cream without a lot of work. I think I'll build one. And no, I'm not planning on making fish-flavor ice cream.   

       (side note: My reference to the ice cream ball WAS on there before your link... I suspect that it has something to do with page caching or some other such thing.)
zigness, Mar 03 2006

       I honestly like the idea. It's fairly whimsical (A dryer? For Ice cream? Get out of town!). And it seems a lot of other people thought so too. Fourteen other people. It's only lightly boned, and the rest of us enjoy this idea, so you don't have to worry about how inspired it is.   

       Cool it, baby cat.
notmarkflynn, Mar 04 2006

       [nmf], I've decided that I'm going to try this out this weekend... I'll post some pics if it works out.
zigness, Mar 04 2006

       Awsome. Shine on you crazy star.
notmarkflynn, Mar 06 2006

       //inject plasma into the moon and do amazing things// - I'm soooo tempted to try and post an idea with this title.
wagster, Mar 06 2006

       I have a washing machine whose basin was getting rust stains on my clothing. The mechanicals, however, still function properly.   

       This gives me an idea. I could remove the basin, and weld together a turntable that will hold several large coffee cans. I would mount the turntable eccentrically on the washer's transmission to further agitate the contents of the coffee cans. From here (despite 2 fries shy's warning) I could make jello, ice cream, pudding, and a number of tasty treats.   

       My old washer could then be simplified by removing all the water valves and electronics that govern them. Joy!
ed, Mar 06 2006

       I really want to see some pictures, even if it's a picture of the washer on fire with [zigness] spraying a hose at it.
notmarkflynn, Mar 11 2006

       Dryers Get Hot...Ice cream is supposed to be cold...
Slaith, Mar 12 2006

       //Dryers Get Hot...Ice cream is supposed to be cold...// On a "fluff cycle", no heat is generated in the dryer.
zigness, Mar 12 2006


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