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Conker Protection League

League to protect conkers
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Horse chestnuts are collected as usual from beneath trees.

Holes are bored, strings attached etc.

Conker with attached string is placed in a custom made container. A closed-cell foam insert is hand-carved to the exact size and shape of conker plus string, and is then lined with velvet. The inner case surrounds the foam insert and is made of a tough transparent plastic plexiglass. There is then a complex suspension mount system to protect this inner case, within the outer steel clamshell case with double padlock closure.

CPL afficionados meet at "challenges" where each challenges the other to show their prize conker. At a challenge meet, the outer cases are opened and the safely protected conker is admired through the clear plexiglass inner case. Points are not awarded, the safely protected conkers are merely admired.

pocmloc, Oct 07 2021


       Thank you for posting this wonderful idea.
sninctown, Oct 07 2021

       [+] I propose attaching a string to the protective containers and playing conkers with them.
a1, Oct 07 2021

       + I propose the title to be the Conkers Admiration Society.
xandram, Oct 07 2021

       My childhood experiences attempting to store conkers in tins suggests that they'll go mouldy.
Loris, Oct 08 2021

       // mouldy //   

       Change to title to Conker PRESERVATION League and invest in techniques like oven-drying or varnishes.
a1, Oct 08 2021

       I read the annotation above this one, and at first I thought I was not going to acknowledge it, but then I decided to write this annotation instead.
sninctown, Oct 08 2021


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