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Culturalism Fighters - new religion

A new religion where modern Semi Atheists help peoples like the Penan
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Smart warefare will be launched by the believers in the Culturalism Fighterist religion, against the powers that try to eliminate ancient tribesmen. The believers of this religion take it upon themselves to fight a war which is not their's out of religious altruism, believing that this is what they are here in the world for.

They fight against Christianizing and Islamizing, and cunningly they outsmart anyone who is out there to ruin nature, or who believe they can kill people at will or enslave little girls.

They start by making lists of the worst cases and the ones that need to be addressed most urgently.

pashute, Mar 25 2021


       //or enslave little girls//   

       People like that make me sick! sexist scum! I mean, what's wrong with little boys?   

       Excluding them like that is going to make them self conscious & stuff, this sort of thing just makes me so mad.   


       They throw pottery at them?   

       //Smart warefare//   

       Ah I see, you're using [a1]'s Self measuring decanters
Skewed, Mar 25 2021

       Probably, if everyone took their faith as it was intended, these religion police wouldn't be needed. Societies would be slowly solving their own problems rather than using them as growth fodder.
wjt, Mar 26 2021

       //if everyone took their faith as it was intended//   

       Is it conceivable that different faiths reflect different intentions? Or do we insist that "religion" is a single phenomenon?
pertinax, Mar 26 2021

       Great idea but smells Baked. It's been more than a decade; time to invade Iraq again.
sninctown, Mar 27 2021

       //Is it conceivable that different faiths reflect different intentions?//   

       True that, maybe a part of God does support a religion where killing and domination to purify a limited set of beliefs is a valid system. A virulent virus might be the situation.   

       And maybe the life and beliefs of the Sentinelese are just too good for the youngsters to damage it.
wjt, Mar 27 2021

       //Great idea but smells Baked//   

       [Ponders on that]   

       Especially if you consider the international brigade.   

       //time to invade Iraq again//   

       I get the impression this is envisioned as a NGO so a nation (or coalition of nations) probably doesn't qualify.   

       The bunch they invaded Afghanistan to kill (not the Taliban, disqualified by virtue of being the government, the other bunch) would more closely fits the idea than the US & it's allies.   

       Accept they'd be Culturalism Fighters - old religion
Skewed, Mar 27 2021


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