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Continuously Fresh Underwear

Loincloth on rollers
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A roll of very fine material is wound into both the front & back waistband, passing between the legs. When the wearer wants fresher underwear, s/he releases some from the 'fresh' roll & either winds it onto the 'used' roll (the thrifty, reusable solution) or clips it off (the fastidious solution).

It is now up to the user's discretion to decide how clean to be - does the roll move just a few inches, or enough that all exposed loincloth material is fresh?

For the really, uh, something, a small motor could produce *continually* fresh underwear, sliding slowly from one roller to the other. (Likely to solve a problem as it produces it. Ewwwwwwwww.)

hello_c, Jan 18 2002


       no, I just want fresh knickers from the drawer and the stale ones into the washbag. I do not want motorised drawers.
po, Jan 18 2002

       No doubt. Imagine if the supply roller binds but the take-up roller keeps turning. Instant wedgie. Or if the supply roll runs out and you walk around making a *fwithp* *fwithp* *fwithp* sound (as the take-up roller keeps turning) for the rest of the day.
phoenix, Jan 19 2002

       The good news: everyone is to change underwear. The bad news: with each other.
entremanure, Jan 19 2002

       <chokes> it really is not wise to drink tea while reading phoenix, I will watch that in future. <chokes>
po, Jan 19 2002

       it'll be there weeks before he notices.
po, Jan 19 2002

       *I* didn't vote for this idea. I wonder what reasoning got the single positive vote.   

       And where'd the topologically complex underwear idea go?
hello_c, Jan 21 2002

       Mobius underwear?
angel, Jan 22 2002

       Klein bottle nappies.
neelandan, Jan 22 2002

       Gee... if it works it might feel, um, interesting.
spaceman_spiff, Jan 22 2002

       I suspect that this would lead to a dramatic increase in cases of severe chaffing. Presumably some form of lubricant will be supplied with the product?
DrBob, Jan 22 2002

       Aftermarket improvements, entertainment tie-ins, yeah, we have some deals in the works. It'll be big.
hello_c, Jan 23 2002

       entertainment tie-ins? the mind boggles
po, Jan 23 2002

       Underwear: I _only_ wear it when I go to church.
1kester, Jan 24 2002

       1kester, that is disturbing.   

       hello_c, what about boxer shorts?
NeverDie, Jan 25 2002

       Boxer shorts are a mature, commodified market segment, not likely to produce the ROI we expect.
hello_c, Jan 28 2002

       Oh yes, I can see it now... You laugh too hard and people go around asking you if you left your motor running... sick...
Pug, Sep 26 2002

       Hah, I can't believe I missed this one before. I think this is a good idea, in principle if not in practice. I mean, grossness aside, from an objective perspective, it would be mighty convenient if you could instantly freshen your underwear on the spot. The only problem is that you'd still have the stinky bits with ya, and some people would just not bother to change their underwear for even longer stretches of time. Well, I still like it, *fwithp**fwithp* and all.   

       This would be great for Sumo wrestlers, dontcha think?
polartomato, Oct 09 2002


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