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Party Pampers

New Growth Area for Current Diaper Market
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Diapers are marketed to parents of young kids, old people, and people with bladder control problems. Why not market them to the college crowd?

Have you ever been to a party where you had a hard time finding the toilet or the lines were too long? Have you ever missed half a concert waiting for the restroom? Now, you don't have to worry! Party Pampers are there!

Choose your size, just a few, a six pack, or the maxi "case" size and off you go having fun all night without the worry of where to go to relieve yourself.

StAndrew, Apr 02 2002


       You could just buy some pads. They already sell those in every 'flavor' imaginable.   

       Bottles work, too, though, especially on long car trips. It's probably easier for guys, although I've never tried it meself. Well, people do strange things when they have to go...
Galileo, Apr 02 2002

       Wouldn't you have to change from time to time? That's going to be even more inconvenient and time consuming than status quo. Or do you consider this idea will become so overwhelmingly popular that society will allow one to simple stand off quietly in the corner and "freshen up"?
spartanica, Apr 02 2002

       College parties are usually major meat markets. I imagine quite a surprise when the action starts.
dag, Apr 02 2002

       Is there really a problem that needs fixing here? Most guys seems happy to micturate* in gardens (at parties) or against a fence (at concerts). Most women are better at holding on until a lav becomes free.   

       *I love that word.
calum, Apr 02 2002

       //Most women are better at holding on until a lav becomes free.// sure about that young calum? your beer looks a bit cloudy to me dear.
po, Apr 02 2002

       Ack! pthththtprrpthtprt!   

       I'll be keeping an eye out for you at parties, po.
calum, Apr 02 2002

       wasn't me honest, calum. haha
po, Apr 02 2002



Crapping one's pants is, I'm sure, very attractive.

Since this seems to be taking the baby theme of the rave even further, along with the pacifiers and diddly toys (glow sticks, et. al.), why not just avoid growing up altogether. Take a big overdose of ecstasy or LSD and, if you come out of the coma, you will live in la-la land forever.
quarterbaker, Apr 02 2002

       Don't give them any ideas, qb.
waugsqueke, Apr 02 2002

       ya know, some people consider grown-ups pooping and peeing in diapers to be a sex fetish.   

       in wich case that would realy be a wild party. (lol)
wess, Apr 03 2002

Shadow Phoenix, Nov 05 2007


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