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dissolving underwear

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Underwear that will gradually dissolve as it gets dirty and begins to smell. Simply put on a new pair when the old one's dissapear. They have a life span of two days, depending on how dirty you are.
zollner, Jul 07 2000


       Personally, I like *no underwear*. (Depends on how rough your pants are on the inside though). Just *how fast* would these things dissolve? Would they melt in your mouth?
pitch, Jul 08 2000

       Ideal would be corn-starch based underwear, with a reinforced anti-bacterial crotch lining. The corn starch would dissolve with sustained contact to tap water or saliva.
naveline, Jul 10 2000

       In a recent Dilbert strip he said something about his socks having microencapsulated chlorine atoms so he 'can wear these babies for weeks before they start to smell'...
StarChaser, Jul 11 2000

       well...what happens when theyve worn away in patches? do they just get thinner and thinner overall until they're gone? what if you find yourself caught in an awkward situation without any? you'd have to carry an extra pair with you at all times just in case... and how do these things know they're "dirty"? you'd have to find a way to keep each new pair fresh, too...too wasteful. too complicated. too stupid. don't wear undies, i'd say.
lyse, Nov 20 2000

       Daily cleanliness suits me just fine!!!
misa hornee, Nov 28 2000

       Great idea, but for those who go for simplicity, it's easier just to turn them inside out every other day. And the dryer takes care of the rest--it'll eat them eventually. Still, people like convenience, and for those pressured by the deadlines underwear impose, this is a Quik-n-Eezy (R) solution. Perfect! You were a marketing major, right?
rachele, Dec 02 2000

       Saw three-hole briefs in a catalog once. Said you could wear them six days without changing, just rotate one leg hole per day, then turn them inside out and start over.
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       What if you sweat alot? Won't they dissolve really fast? Besides, I believe edible underware will dissolve too (under the right conditions). Sorry buddy, but this idea has been baked.
JesseOQ, Aug 01 2003


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