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Controlled Burn Smoke Indicator

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One has to wonder how many millions of dollars are wasted each year by fire departments being called out to a home where someone is burning brush or other debris.

Honest people driving down the road see a massive plume of smoke rising from a home or building and in good consince, call the fire department as perhaps someones house is burning down.

This idea is for an additive that can be thrown into the fire as it is burning that would emit a distinct colored smoke(ie Green for example). This would indicate to observers that the fire is being monitored by someone and is not an uncontrolled fire. Like wise the Fire Department could have Red smoke material which would let people know that the FD is on the scene so they don't continue to inundate emergency services with repeated calls.

jhomrighaus, Oct 28 2022

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       Easy sell to arsonists.
a1, Oct 28 2022

       Clever. [+] Also have a permit issued so that people calling 9-11 can be told it's a controlled burn.
doctorremulac3, Oct 28 2022

       + Excellent
xandram, Oct 28 2022

       (+) It's common courtesy around here to alert the fire department when burning for just this reason.
We only need to check the venting index first so as not to smoke out the town.

       We haven't been able to burn anything larger than a campfire until recently and the ban was completely lifted as of noon today. I'd say the pile has reduced down to about two meters high by six to eight meters long.   

       You're all invited for the Halloween bonfire.   

       Courtesy? Must be a Canuck thing :D   

       Many places require a permit and filing a plan for controlled burns. I supposed you could add smoke "canisters of color" if there was a locally agreed upon standard of what they meant.
a1, Oct 28 2022


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