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arm-wrestling computer

strength competition over the internet
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The peripheral I'm imagining wouldn't have to be shaped like an arm, but it would somehow push back on you with considerable strength. You could then test your strength against other people over the internet. How hard they were pushing would be transmitted to your computer and you could feel how hard you needed to push in order to beat them.

In order to be a fair fight, of course, you would have to make sure the machines on both sides were identical. On the other hand, maybe you wouldn't <i>want</i> it to be a fair fight; it could also adaptively handicap you, so that you could wrestle with anyone. A professional weightlifter could wrestle a five year old, and they would be locked in indeterminate struggle, each at the limit of their strength.


mungojelly, Nov 14 2005

Haptic Arm Wrestling Exhibit http://www.thetech....GalKey=np&galKey=np
[CecilL, Nov 14 2005]

Artificial Muscle Arm Wrestling Challenge http://ndeaa.jpl.na...AP-armwrestling.htm
This was an interesting event, the girl made *very* short work of all three challengers. [Zuzu, Nov 15 2005]

Urban Dictionary http://www.urbandic...efine.php?term=%3C3
For any and all slang you didn't know. [Zuzu, Nov 15 2005]

Arm-wrestling Robot http://telecomskore...ew&id=3113&Itemid=2
At the Future Tech Korea 2005. “Our achievement will allow the elderly to keep up their physical and metal health by utilizing the fun robot.” [jutta, Nov 28 2005]


       p.s. All the talk in teledildonics (even the name "teledildonics") is focused on genital stimulation. I think that there is erotic potential in the simplest of haptic interfaces-- even if all that's transmitted is one number: how hard. I leave all elaborations of this line of thought for the reader. <3
mungojelly, Nov 14 2005

       Ok, I've got to ask. What's up with the <3?   

       I believe it's a heart.
Darkelfan, Nov 14 2005

       Or a dunce's cap over a pair of boobs. Clever account name, though.
DrCurry, Nov 14 2005

       This is Baked. See link.
CecilL, Nov 14 2005

       And the fact that [JScotty] just proposed almost the exact same thing on another of your ideas had nothing to do with this?
hidden truths, Nov 14 2005

       For the record I too, thought that "<3" was somehow boob related. But then, I am out of the loop re: 1337 Sp33k. <link>
Zuzu, Nov 15 2005

       I thought <3 was a double chin or a double scoop of ice cream.
phundug, Nov 16 2005


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