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Cookfridge Table

A table with a fridge and cooking compartments beneath, processing and serving food via wide self-washing straws on top.
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This table is a magic piece that replaces kitchen. It serves food to its users via wide ~2.5 cm diameter straws (so that diced strawberries, potatoes and meat can easily be delivered) attached instead of plates. Beneath its surface -- a machinery of refrigerator and cooker that processes food and suspends it into water+starch solution. You buy nutritious food cassettes in supermarkets, load your cookfridge, and enjoy! (straws wash themselves automatically, after retracting into the table)

Requirements: be connected to 1) water supply, 2) electricity supply, 3) sewerage.

Inyuki, Nov 28 2013


       //sewerage// Seats also plumbed in?
pocmloc, Nov 28 2013

       There seems to be a linguistic error here.   

       Food is not "processed", nor is it "dispensed". Food is "created" and "served".   

       Of course, these are easy mistakes to make.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2013

       [MaxwellBuchanan], yes. By "processing", I mean that ingredients are actually mixed before serving. I'll change the "dispensed" into "served."
Inyuki, Nov 28 2013

       [pocmloc], you're funny :) I don't think that would be necessary.
Inyuki, Nov 28 2013

       [Inyuki], I think you were fine with "dispensed". [MB]'s comment is a register thing - for a connoisseur, food ought to be created and served, but for the industrial masses it is processed and dispensed.   

       I would like more info on the operation of the straws. Do the users grasp the straws, insert into mouth and suck? Or does the food spew from the straw so the user has to keep up? Are you meant to slurp from the end of the straw? Might it not be more convenient if instead of straws there were self-filling dishes?
pocmloc, Nov 28 2013

       [pocmloc], I think of suction-induced pump and stirring, so once the user begins to suck, the slight assisting pressure would be induced from inside.   

       Self-filling dishes may also be convenient, if they would wash themselves without a dishwasher.
Inyuki, Nov 28 2013

       This concept of a food preparing and dishwashing table seems to be in collective consciousness. It's been featured on the Simpsons, Futurama etc. Anyway bun.
rcarty, Nov 28 2013


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