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a cold shot dispenser right next to the ice machine
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just a fitting on the inside of the freezer door that holds a bottle of vodka connected to a dispenser. It would be easier to set up than a cold-water tap, as vodka won't freeze.
djymm, Mar 27 2001


       Once upon a time my freezer's thermostat broke. I assure you that vodka can freeze and it's bloody difficult to get it out of the bottle when it does.

But for freezers that work as they're intended to, a good idea and very bakeable.
sirrobin, Mar 27 2001

       I thought it would be a fridge that, when the door is opened, would explosively disgorge its contents, possibly maiming or killing anyone standing in the way.
beauxeault, Mar 27 2001

       (...always wondered why I've never seen beauxeault and dsm in the same room at the same time...)
iuvare, Mar 27 2001

       Perhaps a weapon powered by the explosive power of expanding vodka?   

       With, uh, its own Olympic competition! Yeah! Target practice!   

       It'd make the drug testing process a lot more difficult, that's for damn sure.
moonmoose, Mar 28 2001

       I thought it was a game show where you have to figure out from a police line up who fired a revolver at William Perry.
pnewp, Mar 28 2001


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