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Cool clothes for summer

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These are just like warm clothes in winter, but just opposite. e.g. keep these specially made shirt and pants in refrigerator; These clothes will absorb and then store the coolth for long time. (may be 2-3 hrs);

After cooling these clothes in fridge, for may be 10-30 mins, they are ready to wear for 2-3 hrs, after which we can repeat the process.

This will be more energy efficient compared to using AC for cooling entire house.

These clothes may be padded with compact, lightweight material ( passive), or padded with thermocouples, in the active version.

VJW, Mar 18 2011

Like this? http://www.mscooling.com/koolmax
[mouseposture, Jul 03 2011]

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       I'm not sure the thermodynamics is right... 30min cooling (in a fridge at 4°C) versus 2-3hrs wearing. It seems unfeasibly assymetric if you ask me, but then people said much the same about Uncle Beff's beard and yet it worked.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 18 2011

       Agreed. In that case one will have to keep clothes in the refregerator, for 2-3 ours. If one keeps a pair of these, than this can be managed.
VJW, Mar 18 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] no idea. Needs more language than "specially made shirts and pants".
daseva, Mar 18 2011

       If the people get in the fridge as well, they can stay cool indefinitely.   

       [+] cool idea.
pashute, Jul 03 2011


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