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Coolmax® bedding

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Modern hi-tech fabrics such as Coolmax which wick moisture away from the body and keep you cool are very effective - my cycling top is made of Coolmax and it's great.

This idea is very simple - on hot sweaty nights it would be so much more comfortable to have all my bedding made from Coolmax.
hippo, Apr 17 2007

My cycling top http://www.foska.co...don_Pride_Road.html
[hippo, Apr 17 2007]

Coolmax http://coolmax.invista.com/faqs.html
[hippo, Apr 17 2007]

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       Seems like it would be cheaper and easier to make Coolmax pajamas.
cblunds, Apr 17 2007

       what about those of us that don't wear PJs, or when you are sweating but otherwise not dressed as some of us a fortunate enough to do from time to time.
jhomrighaus, Apr 17 2007

       do you need a drip tray?
po, Apr 17 2007

       Hippo, in the first link, your cycling top is being modelled by a quintuple amputee. Is this normal?
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 17 2007

       [MB] Quite normal, yes - there aren't that many kinds of job they can do.
hippo, Apr 18 2007

       .....meanwhile their heads are making their way to their second jobs, as chewing gum testers, along a series of secret vacuum tubes hidden under every city (no one ever talks about this network)
xenzag, Apr 18 2007


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