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Copy Cats

Assimilating Inane Commericials into One Startlingly Strange One
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Although it's been done to some extent before, I think that some company should make an extensive campaign of it. Lets use a fictituous animal rights group we'll call Copy Cats (haha I'm so witty) as an example. You could start one out with the sounds of a highway and slowly pan across. Enter a high pitched voice saying" Can you hear me now? GOOD!", and growing louder by the minute. Suddenly you see that the voice is issuing from a squirrel who's venturing out into the middle of the road to get "feedback". A car swerves to avoid hitting it, and the aforementioned squirrel shakes his fist at it, mumbling lots of strange squirrel curses and wrapping up his cell phone conversation with an exasperated "I'll call you back- I've got to get a hold of my lawyer." End with a black screen, and the words: Animals are people too. - The Copy Cats
Chromium, Oct 13 2003


       *holds brain and cringes* So, sort of like a Dadaist art-film approach to commercials? I'll bun it just for the happy brain-hurty weirdness.
submitinkmonkey, Mar 17 2005

       assimilating all inane ideas into one startlingly stupid one.
benfrost, Mar 18 2005

       I don't know, [scout] - maybe the animals like to be entertained. I know I like to get out now and then. A change of pace.
bungston, Mar 18 2005


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