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Cookie alert! Ahhooogahh

Girl Scout cookie sales drive warning service.
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Having just paid four dollars for a nine oz. box of cookies, I would appreciate a post card a month in advance of the local cookie drive in order to be out of town or hide somewhere.

Well I do like the thin mints, but...

Is the cookie drive held at the same time each year? If so, a warning coffee mug would be a better deal since it would warn you each year at least until it was lost or broken.

( it was hopeless. I was cornered by three of them with toy wagon and a mom riding shotgun. )

popbottle, Feb 13 2014


       Appropriate sign:   

Girl Scouts Are Hunting Them In Force,
Using Cookies As Bait!
Vernon, Feb 13 2014

       In our area, a recent full-page newspaper advert notified the public of the locations of upcoming cookie sales. (e.g. "Walmart, Wednesday 2/12/14, Troop 234, 3:30 -5:30 PM") So one could use that as a tool for avoiding as well as for finding...
smendler, Feb 13 2014

       Can't you just say to them “I don't eat cookies, cookies are very bad for you, they are poison really, I don't want to suffer debilitating diseases like diabetes, obesity or heart attacks, so I really don't want any of your cookies. Thanks for asking though”
pocmloc, Feb 13 2014

       Don't get why everyone is so crazy about the Thin Mints when Tagalongs are clearly where it's at.
ytk, Feb 13 2014

       The lemon ones have some sort of heroin in them or something. They are as addicting as hell. Whoa! Be warned.
blissmiss, Feb 13 2014

       I think we pay more than $4.00 per box. I am diabetic, but I like the shortbread cookies. What is worse is that our Boy Scouts sell $10 bags of popcorn! Just avoid eye contact!
xandram, Feb 13 2014

       Thin mints must be frozen to be any good.
RayfordSteele, Feb 13 2014

       I always tell them that I'm on cookie restriction, but I'll buy a box that they can send to the troops overseas, poor devils.
normzone, Feb 13 2014

       I've always found that a cheery "fuck off" works well at getting one out of these awkward situations.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 13 2014


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