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Display Phone menu

Display the phone menu of the company called on your phone
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The telehpone system menu of the company you call is displayed on your phone as text. like a caller i.d. You get all the facts in a moment instead of trawling throu "press 1 for sales" etc. Your phone could store the data for the next time the number is called. You could even have the company logo diplayed if it was smart enough. And have txting to non cell phone phones.
Iridium7, Oct 18 2007


       Nice idea - a simple menu protocol should accomodate any menu and the menu choices themselves can be downloaded in a short burst of what will sound like static at the start of the call.
hippo, Oct 18 2007

       The best ideas are always the simplest. If I could double-bun, I would.
sprogga, Oct 19 2007

       Any way in which you can get this _before_ you call so you can dial directly to the right department and not have to be kept on hold at all?
vincevincevince, Oct 19 2007

       The caller ID display is too lo-res to really use for navigation. The version of this I expect to see more often is website-integration of Voice over IP, to allow customers to talk to a sales agent about the offer on *this* webpage (etc.) without first navigating the corporate voice mail system.
jutta, Oct 19 2007

       makes those 976 numbers even more fun!
Arcanus, Jun 05 2009


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