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Device Ring

Simple ring attaches to handheld device and makes it easy to hold.
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The ring is place on your finger with the attachment part on the inside of your hand. Your phone or mouse or perhaps even bottle or can has a sticker attached to it. The stickers are in the package with the Device Ring when they are purchased, and they are stuck onto whatever is being used. The ring keeps the object in your hand even when it would otherwise be dropped or slip out.
guncandy, Dec 13 2015

http://www.tesco.co...tails/?id=273792334 [pocmloc, Dec 13 2015]


       You're going to need a lot of surface area to maintain the hold. And it's either going to be weak or permanent.
Voice, Dec 13 2015

       gecko sticky tech. I suppose a mass of devices will stop the nose picking.
wjt, Dec 14 2015

       well yeah.... a ring with a magnet on it. not exactly rocket science. [+] though.
FlyingToaster, Dec 14 2015

       Either use the hermaphroditic velcro, or put a standard camera mount on every device by default.
MechE, Dec 14 2015


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