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now serving corn on the cob
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I been to a few fast food chains in my life but maybe not enough to find one that serves corn on the cob. If purpose a restaurant that specializes in corn on the cob, and other corn/corn bi-products.

For and appatizer i have Corn chips and salsa and/or chesse (nachos) For a meal i want corn on the cob, with a side order of popcorn with extra butter, For dessert i have corn pudding And to drink a carbinated soda (dont know any corn drinks)

other food options include,

Corn and Jalapeno Custard Recipe, Corn Pie, Corn Casserole with Rice and Cheese, Baked Corn with Tomatoes, Cheddar Corn Casserole, Chile Corn Custard, Corn & Jalapeno Custard, Corn and Rice Casserole with Cheese, Corn Casserole with Bacon, Corn Custard with Cheese, Corn Pie, Ham and Corn Casserole, Corn Scallop, Southwestern Corn Bake, Scalloped Corn & Tomatoes, Scalloped Corn, Shoepeg Corn Casserole, Cob salad. just a rough draft of other possible ordering choices.

Breading and deep frying is an additional charge


plaguedcookies, Dec 28 2005


       KFC as well as some of the larger chicken chains offer corn on the cob.
Jscotty, Dec 28 2005

       oh, but do they offer my corny selection along with corn smoothies? (well i dont know about the corn smoothies yet.)
plaguedcookies, Dec 28 2005

       There are alcoholic beverages made from corn [+]
normzone, Dec 28 2005

       Imagine the bathrooms.
PollyNo9, Dec 29 2005

       That's terrible.   

       Imagine the sign swinger costume on the kid standing out front on the sidewalk.
normzone, Dec 29 2005

       There's the kernel of an idea here somewhere...
humanbean, Dec 30 2005

       There's a street vendor somewhere in Rome that serves corn on the cob from a little rolling cart, and has salt, butter, and red pepper as toppings. It was a fairly convienent snack while walking through a piazza. I fear it would be less so while driving.   

       + anyway
Worldgineer, Dec 30 2005

       If there's the kernel of an idea here somewhere, there's a stalker following it.
normzone, Dec 30 2005

       agreed- corn is a lovely and versatile food, however, very high in carbohydrates, (sugars and starch). Just to be realistic, have some salads on the menu. and some lean meats. If you are not American, perhaps you don't know that Americans are the fattest people on the planet statistically speaking. We need less of the corny corn fun and more lettuce and celery sticks.
dentworth, Dec 30 2005

       I really doubt corn is our problem. Now if they were breaded, deep-fried corn on the cob served with ranch dip...
Worldgineer, Dec 30 2005

       I ear you, [Worldgineer].
normzone, Sep 08 2016

       You amaize me [norm].
Worldgineer, Sep 08 2016

       I hope this corn-based idea doesn't start a long cereal of imitations.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 08 2016

       Maybe the idea is old enough that the statute of imitations applies.
normzone, Sep 08 2016


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