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Cross Culture Cafe

Can't decide between Chinese or Italian? Get both!
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This eatery combines some of the more popular dishes from all kinds of ethnicities into a single recipe. Some dishes include:

General Tso's Burrito
Buffalo style Gyro
Curry Pizza
Feta-ccine Alfredo
Spinach Pie a-la mode (with fried ice cream)
Moo Sho Gai Pasta
Haggis Ravioli
Seafood and CousCous

I'm sure you can all come up with plenty of clever dishes.. time to get back to work

Mr Burns, Jul 02 2002

Non-Italian Pizzas http://www.cpk.com/cpk.cfm?page=menu
Mmmmm...pizza...<drools> [XSarenkaX, Jul 02 2002]

Freestyle Restaurant http://www.halfbake...estyle_20Restaurant
Same idea (?) different implementation. [phoenix, Jul 03 2002]

Caribbean and Mediterranean restaurant http://www.ochis.co.uk/
In my home town [angel, Jul 03 2002]

Rainforest Cafe http://www.rainfore...e.com/RFC/eMain.asp
There's no menu online, but the meals reflect a few different ethnic regions. [XSarenkaX, Jul 03 2002]

Carlos O'Kelly http://www.rimag.com/014/Carlossnap.html
[po, Jul 03 2002]


       I've seen a few dishes with mixed ethnicities at certain restaurants, for instance, California Pizza Kitchen. (See link.) ...although pizza's easy to tweak. I still have yet to come across a full-blown all mixed menu. I think this idea's got potential. At the very least, the menu should offer a wide variety of single ethnicity dishes for the tag-along friends who may not be as adventurous. Have a croissant!
XSarenkaX, Jul 02 2002

       i don't know, man... fusion cuisine can be the best of all worlds, or it can be the most hideous of all inedibles, depending on who's driving in the kitchen. promise you'll get a good chef? a tentatively proffered cilantro-encrusted lamb-stuffed croissant with szechuan sauce for you.
china, Jul 02 2002

       Doesn't Ravioli-sized Haggises = sausages/hot dogs?
nick_n_uit, Jul 03 2002

       Baked. I've definitely eaten at a mexican/italian, near Victoria bus station in london.
sadie, Jul 03 2002

       Here, the name of every restaurant could just get "Mexi-" prefixed to it and still be pretty much accurate. Of course, Mexi-McDonalds tastes about the same as Ameri-McDonalds or Indo-Europeo-McDonalds. Heck, they all use American cheese, anyway.
jester, Jul 03 2002

       That is not cheese.
calum, Jul 03 2002

       I've always tried to figure out exactly what 'Carlos O'Kelly's' is. Do you have these anywhere?
RayfordSteele, Jul 03 2002

       I don't know anything about Carlos O'Kelly, but there used to be a Carlos Murphy's restaurant near where I live. It was a Mexican/Irish place. I think I went there once but don't remember anything special about it. Perhaps that's why it's not around any more.
XSarenkaX, Jul 03 2002

       Come to think of it, there used to be a Murphy's Pakora Bar in Glasgow.
calum, Jul 03 2002

       Again I am reminded of Alfredo, Weinstein and Ho's. They don't mix it up, though.   

       Haggis ravioli could be made with guinea pig stomachs.
waugsqueke, Jul 05 2002

       waugsqueke: No it could not! (It would obviously be made with pasta round the outside, not intestine, thus saving the lives of our friendly little desert omnivores.)
pottedstu, Jul 05 2002


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