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Corner COVID with cats

Your cat, my party
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As you know, some cats can get COVID-19. As you also know, their symptoms are mild and there is no evidence that cats transmit COVID-19 to humans.

Meanwhile, in the human world the latest COVID-19 variant (this time, "Delta") has displaced all other variants in new COVID cases.

What the world needs is for public places to become so saturated with housecats that, eventually, the newest and most dominant variant of COVID is adapted to cat anatomy and rendered harmless to humans.

I see cats packed into offices, on public trains, and yes, in first class on airplanes.

Please note: I would be the last person to put the lives of cats in danger. If the same thing can be done with chickens or pigeons, I would be ecstatic to hear about it.

4and20, Jul 30 2021

COVID cats still chillaxin https://www.vet.cor...9-and-feline-health
[4and20, Jul 30 2021]


       an idea to bring [8th] back from the dead [+]
pocmloc, Jul 30 2021

       ...especially during a full moon.   

       Joining Holw'nonandonannon helps... I've heard.   

       But not for Werecats.   

       [4and20] apparently agreed to "BE" 8th via channeling. My most humble and gracious gratitude to you, kind sir, for keeping his memory alive and posting. Forever, 8th, forever.   

       More cats equal more snuggles, scratches, love bites, and fun. Bring 'em on.
blissmiss, Jul 31 2021


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