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Cowpox alleviation, quid pro quo

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The most obvious transmission route for cowpox infection comes from milkmaids or other milkpersons.

And so, I working on a technique on miniaturising (by selective breeding) milkpersons. The aim is to get the milkpersons down to size they can injected into cows, so giving the cows some immunity to cowpox.

Not to fear...the teeny milkpersons have a bit of fishing line tied onto them, and they can be retrieved.

not_morrison_rm, Jan 23 2017


       Good morning - help file is over there on the left, under meta.
normzone, Jan 23 2017

not_morrison_rm, Jan 23 2017

       You can do it yourself, or we can force you. Your choice.
pocmloc, Jan 24 2017

       Oh c'mon, let him finish his joint first.
8th of 7, Jan 24 2017


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