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Corona Closit

Personal cell for stadiums and malls
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Four clear lightweight plastic walls surround you, suspended from your shoulders, creating a closed closet. A small gyroscope keeps it level at all times. An umbrella encloses it from above.

Anybody who wishes to enter the stadium or mall must use one.

There are sleeves and gloves for reaching and taking things, but you cannot enter the stuff into your safe cell space. When done, leave the cell and retrieve your belongings.

And the nicest part about it is that you can hug people and dance with them. Its a bit clunky but still.

A snorkel like pipe with a filter brings air from above and pushes out it out from the bottom so there's always a flow of fresh air downwards.

Green leaves attached to your pants do photosynthesis in the light, adding slightly to the oxygen content of your air for a better feeling. (That part was added so you can say that this is bad science)

pashute, May 03 2020


       Remarkably bakeable and practical, would actually work, no downsides (apart from fashion but who cares about that)   

       If the cell was opaque you could go around in the noody but you'd need a window to see out of that was not too big for other people to see in.   

       You would need windscreen wipers to go out in the rain.   

       You need an elasticated waist deck like kayakers use to seal around your tummy.
pocmloc, May 03 2020

       You lost me at   

       //Anybody who wishes to enter the stadium or mall must use one. //
Voice, May 03 2020

       Next up, high fashion runway models with absurdist masks...
RayfordSteele, May 04 2020


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