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Crowd Sourced Tactics

Daily Tactical Simulation And Payouts.
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Nowadays there's enough data coming back from warfields that you can more or less get an estimate of positions and strength. Additionally with google earth and other satellite reporting you get sources of fairly accurate location data.

This computer game drops players into the current situation (of the day) and gives them a rough estimate as to resources and layout. They then go to battle, infantry and mechanized, on both sides of the conflict.

Reporting of the results is daily, and can be sent to the warfield. This means that fighters on either side of the conflict can see simulated attempts before they even happen, and can decide accordingly.

Now; the big thing - bets can be placed on the outcome. Who cares about stocks or horses when you can bet on mechanized troops. Bets pay out day to day.

Since the actual warfighters creating the updates day to day, are getting this feedback, the results will normally be unpredictable.

25% of all proceeds go to refugees and supporting independent reporting.

25% of all proceeds go to supporting the developers. Who will of course spend it on fancy beers and too many streaming subscriptions.

50% are just typical financial fees. don't mind them. look the other way.

mylodon, Sep 16 2023


       There is a science fiction story in which a series of ever-more-powerful alien ships attack Earth and are beaten back thanks to tactics decided by who is winning a betting pool. I don't like the story since the author lazily leaves unspoken the reason the attacks happen* but this is the same idea and i think it would work. You wouldn't happen to know the title would you?   

       *Leaving the ending up to the reader isn't clever or compelling. the author may as well frankly say "...and i can't come up with a decent ending so that's all she wrote"
Voice, Sep 16 2023

       // You wouldn't happen to know the title would you? //   

       I don’t. Do you have any more details?
a1, Sep 16 2023


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