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Country Dueling

replace wars with duels
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The laeders of opposing countries would duel. Each countries would set demands, and if they won, the losing country would have to meet the demands. Leaders would be less likely to attack other countries being that they would be the casualty if they lose.
AlexTheGreat, May 09 2006


       It's nice to see that some ideas have power even after 4 thousand years
theircompetitor, May 09 2006

       if this was instituted Bush would have been killed by someone by now
AlexTheGreat, May 09 2006

       This isn't a new idea, [Alex].
methinksnot, May 09 2006

       Not great. [-]
Letsbuildafort, May 09 2006

       I think that when countries go to war it is because reason has already broken down. If the countries involved were capable of sticking to an arrangement like this then they would still be around the negotiating table. [-]
st3f, May 09 2006

       In assuming this would work you are assuming honour and chivalry also still exist. You are living in the past sir.
kuupuuluu, May 10 2006

       Plus, it's already in effect. The only difference is that the duelling parties are the 'champions' of their leaders, and that the duels are not limited to one person at a time.
zen_tom, May 10 2006

       When this was done in ancient times, it worked because people believed that fate and the gods had already decided the winner - so the winning side would be the winning side, whether it was a single combat between champions or the whole bloody all-comers melee. So if your champion lost, you might as well go home. Nobody grumbled 'we was robbed'. Nowadays, you'd have a hard time getting people to believe that. Therefore, bone. It's not original, has already been tried, used to work, but sadly wouldn't work any more.
moomintroll, May 10 2006

       This would just encourage military leaders to rule countries, as they are most likely to win the duel.
Germanicus, May 10 2006

       It would certaintly attract a new bread of politician. And for that matter make going to war a far less likely proposition.
hidden truths, May 10 2006

       not a new idea.
FireElf, Jul 31 2006

       If I were in a country duel, I would choose Chile. It is long and pointy, good for jabbing and whacking things.
bungston, Jul 31 2006


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