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opposite celebrity endorsements

Achieve success through maximum stupidity
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Rather than having your product endorsed by a related celebrity, in the manner of consumer headphone companies, sports brands and perfume companies, have a celebrity who is either non-related or famous for completely opposite reasons.

examples might be: Richard Dawkins endorsed bibles, Yo-Yo Ma endorsed synthesizers (conversely, Daft Punk endorsed cellos), and Lance Armstrong endorsed wine glasses.

erenjay, May 24 2013


       Steve Jobs -> typewriters
piluso, May 24 2013

       Didn't Gilbert Gottfried do the voiceover for a silly infomercial once? (Or was that actually a joke?)
phundug, May 24 2013

       I'm available - am a complete nobody.
po, May 24 2013

       //I'm available - am a complete nobody.//   

       Exactly- imagine the confusion if chanel brought out a line of fragrances named "perfumes by po".
erenjay, May 24 2013

       Investment opportunities endorsed by po, po me.   

       (You're not nobody here po, you're PO!)
AusCan531, May 25 2013

       George W. Bush -> mensa   

       Stephen Hawking -> NASCAR   

       Porky Pig -> Angry Birds   

       Anyone named Kardashian -> Dos Equis   

       This is becoming -> a list
Canuck, May 25 2013

       It will help create more people famous for being famous.   

       "Hawking?" "He's that NASCAR flack." "Right"
popbottle, May 25 2013

       How? Why?
awesomest, May 28 2013

       //You mentioned Richard Dawkins endorsing the Bible. How do you suppose you'd get him to do that?//   

       People will do a lot of things with a large enough incentive. Not saying that Dawkins would abandon his principles for money, but maybe if you let him write the foreword... Or edit some bits...   


erenjay, May 28 2013


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