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Corporate Road Sponsorship Scheme

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Roads. They have potholes. Councils. They don't have money. But wait. Business's have money. Business's can adopt the roads. But what will they get. One in ten roads as advertisement. But i don't want more adverts. The advertisments will only be available in already commercial areas.

Besides, i'd get great satisfaction in walking all over Microsoft, or leaving tyre marks on Halfords.

[ sctld ], Sep 22 2002


       Subliminal advertisemsnts using reflectors in grooves in the road that flash up slogans while driving at night? (Flash!) Man that was bright. I think I want a slurpee now.   

       Most US states have an Adopt-A-Highway program, but I've never seen any "suits" out picking up trash like they're supposed to. They seem to outsource the work to the community service people (read: felons)..
Mr Burns, Sep 23 2002

       Well if it doesn't include general road up-keep, and giant on-road advertisment, then its not 'widely baked'. And i thought that was only high-ways?
[ sctld ], Sep 23 2002


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