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brands on fur

re-engineer DNA to create logo's on fur
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A lot of animals have very pleasant patterns of their fur. The patterns are usually nicely organised. But we could do it much better: re-engineer the DNA so that the fur display's logo's (or brands) of companies. It would make black and white cows much more interesting. Or what about a designer "hugo boss" dog?
spekkie, Sep 07 2001

Genetic Engineering Moratorium http://www.halfbake...20Idea_20Moratorium
[sdm, Sep 07 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Golden Palace ads on cows (no GM involved) http://www.adrants....come-billboards.php
"And to stave off PETA, they dyed "Go Veg" on the side of one of the cows." [jutta, Oct 05 2005]


       Just Do It Outside
thumbwax, Sep 07 2001

       "Much more interesting" to whom?
The Military, Sep 07 2001

       I suspect we'll see something much like this in a century or so. By that time we may be able to grow lots and lots of separate parts of the beast. I wonder if we'll see a living animal skin production system inwhich different display patterns are 'encouraged' as the skin's matrix is established, seeded with skin cells and fed to maturation.
gorath, Oct 08 2003

       Oh yes, reminds me of the famous German "Milka Violet Cow" which appeared in this chocolate manufacturer's spots for decades: A cow with violet spots and a big "Milka" logo all over its side. The thing is still on the packages but hasn't appeared in advertisements for years.
Saruman, Jan 24 2004

       [spekkie], how do you taste broiled ?
python, Jan 27 2004


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