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Dirigible Octopus Adverts

Decided to run this one
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Following on from the complete and utter lack success of this year, and finding out it is possible to use up the best part of 6ft of wood while making a hat....I give you Dirigible Octopus Adverts!!!

I seem them having less mass than a human, with more limbs to hold the control whilst waving flags e.g."Eat a Joe's", they don't have a union and will work for pilchards.

In some sympathy for the little octopode, the NMRM Co will never fly Dirigible Octopus Adverts featuring calimari.

Advanced market research indicates that octopodes lack the vocal range and the cheongsams keep falling off, so that lass in Blade Runner has nothing to worry about.


not_morrison_rm, Apr 08 2019


       This is the sort of cutting-edge stuff that the UK Government ought to have been funding for years. If England loses its lead in dirigible octopuses, it will be a criminal waste.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2019

       //octopodes lack the vocal range// actually, no. Most octopus species are in fact quite vocal in roughly the same audio range as human hearing. They of course lack vocal cords, but they have a complex structure called a stridulum which can generate a wide range of sounds. They range (within and between species) from grunts, squawks, chirps, whistles and clicks to semi-musical flute-like sounds. Captive octopuses have even been heard to make "muttering" sounds when thwarted in some respect. They're also quite good mimics. Obviously you need a hydrophone to hear them, but then they're quite loud.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 08 2019

       I don't recall seeing those… will have to rewatch the whole series now (where now means next week because school)
notexactly, Apr 10 2019

       That might have been in Serenity rather than the TV series.   

       // that lass in Blade Runner has nothing to worry about//   

       Which one ?
8th of 7, Apr 10 2019

       Ah, the one I don't have (though I've seen it). I needed an excuse to get it.
notexactly, Apr 10 2019


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