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Corrective Goggles

Allows drunks to find out who's really hot and not
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They should have some goggles where a person can wear them when they're drinking. If they're drunk, the goggles instantly corrects their impaired vision. That way, they won't accidentally hook up with an ugly chick.
allyourbase, Sep 24 2002

Beer Goggles spec spot http://www.thespecs...=showVideo&spotID=5
[bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

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       water goggles?
Gulherme, Sep 24 2002

       They would have to have a large protuding hotness sensor, say six inches long, jutting out of the goggles somewhere between and above the lenses.
General Washington, Sep 24 2002

       // They should have some goggles where a person can wear them when they're drinking. //   

       That sentence should be shot and left to die at the side of the road as an example to others.
waugsqueke, Sep 24 2002

       Unfortunately these aren't those glasses. These are 'magic' glasses that reverse the 'beer goggles' effect (whereby the more beer is drunk, the more attractive the opposite sex-or whoever - becomes).
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       Although...if when wearing these glasses, you absorb some kind of sexual-repressing hormone, that wouldn't be magic. That would be crap.
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       Its a silly idea.   

       As for stopping before you the lines of pretty/ugly become blurred? That wouldn't be fun.   

       "My name is not Jinbish and I am an...."
Jinbish, Sep 25 2002

       // So why don't you just stop drinking before you can't tell the difference? //   

       Would that it were so. This is a tough one to explain to someone who hasn't gotten totally tossed while out rubber-neckin'.
waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

       Takes the fun out of the morning after
naeprobs, Jan 20 2003


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