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Cosmonaut Icecream

Remember Astronaut Ice Cream? This is slightly different.
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In the early 1980's, companies began marketing what they called Astronaut Icecream. It was a crunchy, dry, but sweet and creamy treat that astronauts supposedly took with them to eat on missions.
Well, I'm sure Russian cosmonauts do the same thing when flying to and from space station Mir.
Now you too can eat like the Cosmonauts with our new line of products:
Cosmonaut Icecream: slightly different than the astronaut version. This one is made with nothing but vodka.
Cosmonaut Steak and Potatoes dinner in a tube: Ingredients: Vodka.
Cosmonaut Carrots and Peas: Vodka.
Cosmonaut Toothpaste: Vodka
Coming soon!! Cosmonaut Tang!: Just add Vodka!!
rcornell, Mar 10 2001

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       Dried Borscht?
centauri, Mar 10 2001


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