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Coverletter generator for jobseekers

businesses reply with an autogenerated letter. Why not us?
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Essentally you have a program which you write different examples of your job experiences and skills, and organize the tags on it based on what field it is in and what kind of example it is.

Next is you find the general attributes of the company and write up a few description about it, e.g. what field it is,what you like about it.

It will then based off your answers, autogenerate a coverletter for your resume.

Of course it can be semi automatic, with a real time text editor which will constantly suggest examples on the right hand side of your window.

p.s. You can't just copy info off another person of course, otherwise there will be a possiblity that the coverletter will seem too similar.

mofosyne, Jun 02 2011


       Have it scan the job posting and the company's website for keywords, and pull them from your resume for personalization.
MechE, Jun 02 2011

       Incorrectly spelling //jobsekers// was enough for19 me.
4whom, Jun 02 2011

       Technically, //jobsekers// was spelled correctly. What was misspelled was "jobseekers".
ytk, Jun 02 2011

       Yep [ytk] (hope I got that right), that is why I placed the 'bakery quotation marks, //<string>//, around it...
4whom, Jun 02 2011

       I guess the for19 went over your head, perhapsd you would like to send me4 your bank details elegantly for you're prerusal the 14m $ from my dead uncle dick Tator kindly aqnd with thanks, and bressings My Lard...
4whom, Jun 02 2011

       fixed lol
mofosyne, Jun 02 2011

       But now "jobsekers" is misspelled.
ytk, Jun 02 2011

mofosyne, Jun 02 2011

       Sp. "AARRRRGGH!"
8th of 7, Jun 02 2011

       why the hell is everyone so obsessed with spelling around here? The possible snag I can see with the idea is, if the letter dose such a good job of selling you, that the interviewer finds you to be a disappointment in person.
j paul, Jun 03 2011

       j paul: I'm sure thats for another halfbaked idea, e.g. mind self-control chip for job interviews.
mofosyne, Jun 03 2011

       /if the letter dose such a good job of selling you, that the interviewer finds you to be a disappointment in person./ I guess that would be a letter overdose.
bungston, Jun 03 2011


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