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Cleft putty for plumber's butt.
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With today's low-rider jeans comes fashion's toll: below the belt cleavage. But with a simple adhesive patch, that blue-collar association disappears.

Made of a quick drying epoxy-resin, CrackAway comes in a kit that contains a mixing dish, several color additives for achieving the perfect skin tone, a small mirror, and a putty knife.

This product is a natural for daytime or late night direct response ads, or even an infomercial. Priced at $19.95, if you call now, we'll include as a bonus three primary color tubes to create that I'm-wearing-a-thong look.

Get yours today.

j1188, Jul 07 2003

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       Puhlease. This is an SNL skit.
phoenix, Jul 07 2003

       like roll-a-penny HA.
po, Jul 07 2003


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