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burlap underwear

from Tommy Hilfiger
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When i am comfortable, i get less work done. Uncomfortable undies would keep me at attention!
idiotgenious, Jun 26 2000


       Interesting. I thought to myself, "Why not tree bark?" Then it occurred to me; burlap BREATHES. And as the ever quotable Pinky (of " Pinky and the Brain") once said, "Burlap chafes me so". Which further supports your idea.
Allrighty, Jun 27 2000

       burlap equals itchy goolies
nicckk, Sep 25 2000

       am i surprised someone who wears tommy hilfiger so proudly would also suggest burlap near his privvies? no.
lyse, Nov 19 2000

       Underwear crawls up the butt anyway, so it might as well perform a useful function. The best remedy? Don't wear it. But if you must, make it burlap. (Tree bark is a great idea, too. So is sandpaper--for those who cherish the idea of "disposable" clothing.)
rachele, Dec 02 2000

       Rachele, if Calvin Klein ever develops a Nanobot G-String slip, I nominate your first sentence as slogan.
jutta, Dec 06 2000

       Hey, thanks, jutta! Never looked at it that way. In fact, now that I look at it, I'm thinking, "What was I talking about?"   

       And people wonder why I drink.
rachele, Dec 31 2000

       Perhaps this could work the next time hair shirts come back in style.
badoingdoing, Dec 31 2000

       When the Funky Chicken Burlap Company comes out, and people flock to buy burlap g-strings, fiberglass jockstraps, and dental floss and eyepatch bras, and when the stocks skyrocket, you'll be sorry. Buy burlap g-strings from the Funky Chicken (my friend). Wahoo!
EmberMage, Jun 20 2001

       That's got to be the worst idea ever!
quantum_flux, Feb 28 2007

       // That's got to be the worst idea ever! // Ha Ha NO. Stick around... or just browse around. I laughed my ass off on this one.
MoreCowbell, Feb 28 2007

       [Jutta's] comment on [Rachele's] anno makes the whole thing.
normzone, Feb 28 2007

       cue "Nanobot G-String Energy Generation" idea.
methinksnot, Mar 01 2007

       Barbed wire thongs: for the highly motivated kinks out there...
ye_river_xiv, Mar 01 2007


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