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Combined heat and power nethergarments

Does what is says on the label. No, no not the "Made in China" bit..
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In a weird conjunction of foil-lined undergarments and BYO airplane fuel, I seem to have stumbled across a way to CHP nethergarments.

According to google a layer of "lanthanum strontium cobalt ferrite and yttria-stabilized zirconia" works as a catalyst for a methane fuel cell.

So, with the addition of a layer of that stuff any pair of nethergarments can be converted into CHP mini-power plants and/or self-heating squaddies.

I foresee platoons, ready to be deployed in disaster areas, with these garments and a pallet of baked beans..

not_morrison_rm, May 23 2012


       [+] for the idea and for the opportunity to sell can openers and burn salve (the latter just in case of a runaway reaction where too much heat causes fear which produces more fuel).
AusCan531, May 23 2012

       You have _how_ many stable isotopes down your pants?!
Alterother, May 23 2012

       as Rolls-Royce used to say " a sufficient quantity"
not_morrison_rm, May 23 2012

       What could possibly go wrong! Very good, [not_mo], I shall award you a steaming fresh bun (the aroma of which should counteract other less palatable odors) [+].
Grogster, May 25 2012


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